Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Post-Valentine's gloom

Don't take the title to mean I'm down in the dumps, because I'm not - I meant the weather. That storm from the northeast has made it all the way down to Texas. To combat that, I'm (still) wearing pink - actually I'm still wearing my Valentine's manicure but it's mostly covered up by G&G Gettin' Dirty With Disco Sally. It looks a bit like the Rockstar Pink that's somewhere underneath it - it's that kind of mixed pink glitter, although I doubt that it's anything like a dupe (see below for more on that). I don't have pictures of anything because of the gloomy (as well as chilly) weather; if this keeps up I'm going to have to pull out my Ott-light and see what kind of pictures I can get with that.

I was trying to think how many coats of nail polish I must be wearing - it's a lot. Let's see - base coat (I couldn't possibly tell you which one actually I can tell you which one, now that I think about it - it was Zoya Get Even), 1 coat of Harlow, at least one coat of one glitter or the other on top of that, then a coat of Gelous, then a coat of Jolly Lolly and after that two (I think) of Disco Sally and two of SV because Disco Sally was really bumpy - that makes eight or nine, and some of them are not at all thin. I wouldn't be surprised if this all came peeling off on its own, but so far so good. Tomorrow night I'll probably take it all off and start over, in any case.

(I wrote the above on Monday night, but on Tuesday the sun came out, so there are pictures after all!)
As described above, here is Gettin' Dirty With Disco Sally over... all of the above.
(My nails look shorter than they really are from this angle, which is weird to me. They're not really long, by any means, but they're not really super-short, either.)
Wear update from Tuesday: this still has not chipped at all, which amazes me. There's maybe the tiniest little bit of wear, but that's it. Maybe I should use two coats of top-coat more often!

Also, because the bottle is in this picture and that reminds me to talk about it: my bottle of Seche Vite is getting low, and I honestly don't think I'm going to buy any more unless somebody has a really good sale on it. I like SV, but it's expensive and there are so many other top-coats that are just as good and are cheaper. (Plus I've got a whole bottle of Butter London Hardwear that's still nearly full, and I've had it just as long as the SV. So that's probably one I need to remember to use more often!)

Oh! and I do have the comparison of the two polishes that I mentioned above, and they're... alike and yet completely not:
They're pretty unlike in color - Rockstar Pink, on the left, is a darker pink with a lot of multicolor stuff in it, especially some blue. Disco Sally is a couple of shades of pink and I think some gold - at least that's what it looks like here. The glitter is so small that it's hard to tell with the naked eye what the colors are. The way that these two are alike is in the size and texture and general blinginess of the glitter, although you can't see that here. These are both very showy glitters with a good helping of holo glitter, I think. Not for the faint of heart. (In fact I was thinking of trying putting matte top-coat on top of Disco Sally last night, and I never got around to it. But I bet I would like it, for day-to-day wear.)

(I was going to talk about the polishes I got for Valentine's, here, but now that I've got pictures I've decided to break it up into two entries. So that'll probably be coming later tonight or tomorrow.)

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