Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's gifts

So about my Valentine's Day present (see over here for the story on that, if you haven't heard it already)...
All I got besides this was a very modest little bouquet of flowers, which was sweet of Rob but unnecessary. I was serious about wanting these polishes to be my whole present, because it was a substantial amount of money that I spent. I don't remember what the total was for the two Pretty Serious polishes but I know exactly how much the order from Misa was: $30, because that was the amount you had to spend to get free shipping. Misa's polishes are $7.50, so that's four of them. (I was only going to buy two polishes, to begin with, and then I started considering a third, and shipping was $7.50 as well - I checked - so basically three polishes was the same price as four, at which point I gave in and ordered four. Which is partly what caused the fit of remorse later on!)

So here's the list:
From Pretty Serious: BSOD and VT-100, a blue glitter and a green glitter (I think these were originally from the same collection; note the vintage-computer-related names on both)

From Misa: (three of the four are shimmers that were originally from the same collection, so see Scrangie's post here) When U Say My Name (a dark brown that seems to have a hint of red in it, very beautiful), Spinning Out of Control (which let's call a dark blue-violet so I won't have to say the b-word), Quirky Smile (deep teal), and the fourth is Dirty Sexy Money, which is of course green. These are my first Misa polishes, and the application on them even just on the nail wheel was amazing - I don't throw around the phrase "like butter" normally, but seriously, that's kind of what they seemed like. They just felt good. I hope when time comes to actually wear them that I like them just as much.

Misa didn't have fancy boxes but what they did send was a set of really nice swatch cards, which is also cool. (The picture goes with the previous page, which was something about meeting your mother-in-law or something along those lines!)

Here's the two Pretty Serious polishes:

This is two of the Misa polishes (I ran out of room on the nail wheel):
This is When U Say My Name and Spinning Out Of Control - which looked more purple in real life than it does here.

This is Quirky Smile:

And here is Dirty Sexy Money next to the other two medium greens I showed back a week or two ago:
I was afraid I had bought a dupe of Moss, but actually it's not. L-R, this is Dirty Sexy Money, Chick Moss, and Maybelline Tenacious Teal. In the picture it looks more blue-tinged, almost turquoise. In real life it looked more like the same shade of green as Moss, but a bit lighter. Definitely not dupes, but not far off. (Anyway, I love Moss, and it's a fairly small bottle and discontinued, so it's good to have something else in the same ballpark.)

(Also I think the Pretty Serious boxes are adorable, so here's another picture of those.)

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