Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stash: not-quite-microglitter, part 2

More things that seemed grainer than the bulk of the microglitters:
top row:
  • Apple Berry Smoothie (Rimmel Cocktail Colours) - these are sheers that come in a very small bottle (and they were LE, to boot), so I always figured why waste them trying to get them opaque? I always put something opaque underneath them. They have a really pretty finish, though. (I have two more but they aren't in this group.) (Also, this is another one of those names that baffle me - an apple berry smoothie does not seem like something that is likely to be bright blue.)
  • Feifei (Zoya) - this is a hard polish to categorize - it's a blue-gray base (Zoya calls it "steel blue" as I recall) with multicolored flecks in it. It's quite sheer. The finish is similar to Zoya's Daul, which was in the same collection. (mani from early 2015 here)
  • Teigen (Zoya) - the first one of the Ignite collection I bought last fall, and I loved it so much I've been steadily buying more of them ever since. Zoya calls the finish "liquid metal" but it seems to me to be pretty similar to polishes like Feifei and Daul, with a glass-fleck sort of feel to it. This color is hard to pin down, but it's somewhere in the fuchsia/raspberry range.
  • Crush On Lava (Hard Candy) - a coppery duochrome with reddish flash - this is from the Crushed Chromes collection but I wouldn't call this a true chrome finish. (Swatch & Learn)
  • Teal Of Fortune (WnW Fastdry) (note that this link has been corrected) - teal jelly base with foil bits, so it ends up with a foil finish. Really pretty.
middle row:
  • Glee (Jesse's Girl) - a blue-green glitter that shifts with green and yellow flash. I love this one, but it's pretty sheer, as I recall, so I don't try to wear it alone.
  • Carly (Zoya) - this has always been one of my favorites - it's got a dark-purple base with lighter pink-purple sparkles. It has that foil finish like all the Beach collection. Awesome.
  • Rockstar Pink (Xtreme Wear) - I have still not yet worn this polish, and I don't know that there's going to be a time better than Valentine's Day for something that girly. In fact, I might go put it on tonight. It's very dense multi-glitter in a sort of purple-pink-blue colorway - see Scrangie.
  • Scam (old Hard Candy mini) - were there two versions of this polish? because the one I am seeing online the most does not seem to jibe with the one I have. Mine, as you can hopefully tell, looks like a microglitter, but the one in the link does not and neither did the one in the 20th anniversary pictures. So I dunno... (I really want to see the 20th anniversary one now, though!) (Added: apparently there are two versions of Scam, as I guessed. I hate it when polish companies do that. It's one thing to adjust the formula a little but if you make it into a different color entirely, don't give it the same name - at least call it "Scam 2" or something. Trust me: polish junkies are going to notice anyway.) (The one I have is bright fuchsia with silvery-pink bits. The other version appears to be more purplish pink, with shimmer but not actual glitter.)
  • (upside down) Gettin' Dirty With Disco Sally (Glisten & Glow) - pink multi
bottom row:
  • Sparkling Fire and Sparkling Seaweed (LASplash) - I would consider these top-coats, really. If you look at that picture of the Seaweed one, they did manage to get it to something approaching opaqueness after three coats, so your milage may vary. Anyway, I would have said that they were glitters with clear bases, but that turned out not to be true of the third one of these I have, so I may not be true of these, either. I'm gonna have to investigate further. Sparkling Fire is a bright red and Sp. Seaweed is a sort of murky green, as you might expect.
  • Henley Regatta (Butter London) - this was the first Butter London I ever bought, a few years ago, and it's lovely but unfortunately has a tendency to flake badly. (I've seen other people say this about BL glitters, but it seems to be sporadic and not everybody has this problem, or so I've gathered.) It's a blue-green, densely packed glitter, and if you like this but you don't want to pay $15 for it, there seem to be a number of dupes for it around.
  • Show Stopping (Sinful) - pink and holo glitter in a pale-pink base, apparently a dupe for Xtreme Wear Strobe Light, which I complained about endlessly but managed to use a whole bottle of, just the same. (It tripped my "too pink" meter - I believe I remember saying that it looked like a six-year-old's birthday party.)
  • Jewel Tone (L.A. Colors) - I like this one, and I agree with the blogger who said that it looks best over black. It's similar colors to WnW Dancer Is The Best Reindeer, another polish I really like, although I don't think it's identical - the glitter seems sparser. I don't think you could make this opaque without putting most of the bottle on your nails.

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