Monday, February 16, 2015

Swatches: more about glitters

I haven't showed any nail wheels in ages, but I haven't completely given up on them. (I have sort of given up on using them as a way to show my whole stash, though! or not the way I tried before, at least...) Here I'm using them to take another look at some of the glitters I've been showing in these stash posts. (I mostly have not been using jump-cuts these days, but this one may get so long it gets a cut. We'll see.)

So here we have a nail wheel full of glitters. (The wheel number is essentially meaningless, I have just been numbering them sequentially from when I started doing this - what was that, a year and a half or so ago? - so it's the 28th wheel I've filled up. I've shown many of them here over that time, but a quite a few I haven't.)

  1. Sexy Siren - Studio M
  2. Slammin' Red - Studio M
  3. Purple Medallion - Studio M (aka the one that looks pink, not purple)
  4. Gift Of Sparkle - Studio M
  5. Ice Dream - Sinful Colors
  6. Ice Dream over Fergie Cabo Cruise
  7. Sexy Siren over Fergie Cabo Cruise
  8. Shuffle Green, aka Dear Rus #601
  9. I Want To Believe - Dollish Fandom (the almost-invisible one, which I guess Dolly probably did on purpose, come to think of it!)
  10. Sparkling Wave - LASplash
  11. Dancer Is The Best Reindeer - WnW Fast Dry
  12. Out Of Space Convertible - Different Dimension
  13. Elderberry - Nail Pattern Boldness
  14. Holiday Spirit - Sation
  15. It's Bouquet With Me - Sephora by OPI topcoat
  16. Fowl Play - Orly
  17. Amethyst Couture - Color Show Brocades
  18. City Of Ashes - Esmaltes da Kelly
  19. Gold Digger - Aldo
  20. Bells Will Be Blinging - China Glaze
These have either been in the recent stash posts or they're in upcoming ones. I just picked out ones I wanted to see more of. And actually I have another wheel that has a couple of comparisons I'm interested in, as well. This is wheel 27, and I don't think you've seen it before either:

For one thing, there are those golds at the upper right, which is something I've talked about lately, although Pyrite may not have shown up in stash pictures yet:

L-R, this is Pahlish Pyrite, Khroma Fairy Dust, and Sinful All About You. You can see in the whole-wheel picture that they don't really look the same even from a distance. Pyrite looks the most like your whole nail is gold, in this picture. Both of the others look a bit chunkier in texture, plus Fairy Dust is sparser and All About You looks brassier. I talked about Fairy Dust at some length here (well, it's long partly because I was talking about the brand in general), but the other two I haven't gotten to yet. (Note Gold Digger as well, below in wheel 28.)

The other thing is that long stretch of blue-greens on the bottom:
L-R: Sinful Super Star, Pretty Serious Party By The Pool, Butter London Henley Regatta, Jesse's Girl Glee, Sinful Nail Junkie

I believe Nail Junkie is intended to be a dupe for China Glaze Atlantis, which I think is discontinued. (Here's a comparison - not quite dupes but very close.) I saw Nail Junkie just the other day so I know it's still out there. What surprises me here is that the base color on the three at the right, at least, is so similar. The two on the left are a bit bluer, but Henley Regatta, Glee, and Nail Junkie are really similar in color. All three of these are glitters but I wouldn't call them dupes at all. Henley Regatta is a really packed glitter, Glee is a microglitter that I remember as looking a bit more metallic. And Nail Junkie looks like it might have holo bits, it's more sparkly. (As for the other two, I believe they're both jellies. Super Star almost looks like Party By The Pool with some purple glitter thrown in, doesn't it? Ooh, look at Super Star over dark blue - yummy.)

(more of the first wheel under the jump...)

OK, now, back to the wheel I first showed up there - here's the detail pics for most of that wheel. (I seem to be missing a couple of them. I'm having some technical difficulties right now!)
This is the 3 Studio M glitters: top to bottom, Slammin' Red, Purple Medallion, Gift of Sparkle. You can see that the "purple" one is actually less purple than Gift of Sparkle, by far, and only slightly moreso than the "red" one. (I used to say that Slammin' Red read pink to me - or fuchsia, anyway. But it is pretty red, actually. On the red/pink border, it might be fair to say.

And this is them in sunlight - it doesn't really show the full glory of these glitters, but at least you can see it a bit.

This is Ice Dream alone, on the left, and then both it and Sexy Siren (the similar sparse glitter which you can see in the picture above) over Fergie Cabo Cruise, a very bright turquoise. They aren't identical but they look very similar in this picture. I believe Sexy Siren is all blue glitter, where Ice Dream is blue and silver.

L-R: Shuffle Green, I Want To Believe (I guess you have to believe it's there, because it is), and Sparkling Wave. Hopefully I'll get around to trying out Shuffle Green when I swing into green mode in March, but you can see pretty clearly what it is, green and gold. I must have been saving my precious mini on I Want To Believe, because I do think it builds into something less invisible - see here. And I never would have said that Sparkling Wave had a tinted base without looking closely.

L-R: It's Bouquet With Me, Fowl Play, Amethyst Couture, City of Ashes - you can see in the closer-up picture below that Fowl Play (on the far left) has flakies in it. Both of the two purple ones in these pictures, don't really show their full beauty here, I think.

Top to bottom: Gold Digger, Bells Will Be Blinging, and back around again to Sexy Siren. I was surprised to see that these two were so similar in color, actually.

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