Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stash: not-quite-microglitters, part 1

I had a huge bunch of microglitters, and I pulled out these, which have more noticeable texture to them than the rest. So these are, like, small-but-not-quite-micro-glitters. (I actually think I have 3 groups of these, which I pulled out as being grainier than the really invisibly-micro microglitters.)
top row: 
  • Holiday Spirit (Sation) (my bottle is different than the Holiday Spirit pictures at that link, but I believe the polish is unchanged) - multicolor glitter in a gray base
  • Sparkle Purple (Kleancolor) - red-violet glitter in a clear base (mani from 2014)
  • Alcatraz... Rocks (OPI Liquid Sand) - pretty much all polish junkies know about this one already, I think - it's an indigo-based texture with multicolor sparkle
  • Kaboom (Salon Perfect) - this is supposedly a Floam dupe, although I have never actually seen Floam in person so you can't prove it by me. I would call it cyan & chartreuse matte glitter in a clear base (although I think you could argue about the exact color names)
  • Glitter All The Way (China Glaze) - released as a holiday polish, actually is virtually the perfect Mardi Gras polish, with gold/green/purple predominating. (There probably is some red in the mix somewhere, but you just can't see it most of the time.) (mani from 2014)
second row:
  • Dancer Is The Best Reindeer (Wet n Wild Fast Dry) - blue & purple in a clear base - really awesome but I believe it was LE (there are other polishes like this around, though!) (mani from 2012)
  • The Reign Of Studs (L'Oreal texture) - see my bitching elsewhere about this name - medium purple texture, with a finish that reminds me of the Julie G Gumdrops polishes, although I haven't compared them specifically. (mani from early 2015)
  • Gold Glitz (Milani) - a very packed gold glitter; Swatch and Learn says it has orange glitter in the mix. I hadn't figured that out for myself but I had noticed it looked like it had more variation to it than the average gold.
  • Sand & Stilettos (Funky Fingers) - silver glitter with multicolored holo bits. It's very pretty but it's too flashy for my taste most of the time, to be honest. In a clear base but could probably be built to opacity if you're patient.
  • Luna (Zoya) - my favorite polish for jelly-sandwich layering, and unfortunately it's discontinued. I'm sure there are other similar polishes out there, though. Silver hex glitter (maybe some smaller glitter too, I'm not sure) in a fog-gray base, very beautiful.
third row:
  • Big City Dazzle (NYC Top Coat) - a fairly sparse multicolored glitter in a clear base, definitely meant as a top coat - it says so right on the bottle! I thought it was too sparse with just one coat, but with several I liked it a lot.
  • Cinna-man Of My Dreams (Nicole By OPI Gumdrops) - To my knowledge, this polish has nothing to do with The Hunger Games, but in my mind, this name is totally about Lenny Kravitz. (Surely they did that on purpose, right?). Anyway, it's "spicy warm pink" that reads as coppery, and I love it, even if it doesn't actually have anything to do with Lenny/Cinna. Although it does. (more swatches)
  • You Know Nothing Jon Snow (Dollish) - this is a lovely polish, and even my normal hatred of pale & pastel polishes couldn't stand up against it. It's an off-white crelly with silver and I think blue and tiny black bits. (And I'm not saying I like it just because Jon Snow is a babe. Although he is.)
  • unlabeled teal glitter (Accessorize ) - I don't think I've ever worn this, so I don't have my own pictures to fall back on, and I couldn't find a swatch online that I could positively identify as the same as mine.
bottom row:
  • This Is Halloween (LynB) - a dark plum base packed with small glitter in various shades of purple and orange. Awesome.
  • Out Of Space Convertible (Different Dimension) - this was from a "Santa Baby" collection but it doesn't look all that Christmassy - I think you could wear it for other occasions besides just the holidays. It's various colors of small glitter in a black jelly base.
  • It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin (Different Dimension) - I love this one. It's basically a texture, with a black base and orange glitter. And of course, there's that creepy name.
  • Elderberry (Nail Pattern Boldness) - this is one of my favorites, cool-colored glitters in a clear base. Blue-green-purple is such a great color combination. (mani from 2013)
Y'know, I do obsess about polish names - this is not news - but it's totally the fault of indie polish makers. LOOK at these names. (Now I'm wondering if Elderberry is about Monty Python. And I did a whole riff about Out Of Space Convertible back when I bought it!) (Instead of blaming indie polish makers I should probably blame OPI, because they're the one who really got the whole thing going about crazy polish names.)

(As you saw if you clicked through, Imperfectly Painted hates "The Reign of Studs" - the name not the polish - as much as I do. It's nice to have backup on an opinion.)

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