Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More nail mail

Last night I showed the MoYou plate I got, but that's far from being the only nail mail I've gotten lately. For somebody that's supposed to be being thrifty and all that stuff... well, I'm not doing a very good job of it. I haven't gone completely berserk, but I've talked myself into buying some stuff I really shouldn't have bought.

The problem is, I love all of it. I'd be hard-pressed to say I wanted to send any of this back, even if I could. But anyway, I can't, and so here I am, showing you what-all I've bought, once again. (I like that phrase, "what-all" - sounds like something my grandma would've said. She was very country, my grandma.)

First of all, there was stuff from Different Dimension. I've been eyeing that "Silence of the Lambs" themed collection for a while now. And I know I have a wacky sense of humor, but luckily a lot of nail polish junkies seem to be the same way, and so we get a nail polish called "It Rubs the Lotion On Its Skin" - which is the one on the left. It was on sale, see, so I had to buy it. (And it's brown glitter, which is different.) And then once I decided to do that, I figured I might as well buy something else that was marked down, which was the one on the right - it's called "Out of Space Convertible."

I had no idea what "Out Of Space Convertible" might mean exactly - I just picked it because I liked the colors, in this case - but there was a clue in that it was part of a "Santa Baby" collection, so I went poking around to see - this version, anyway, has that phrase in the lyrics. The original Eartha Kitt version clearly says "a fifty-four convertible too, light blue" (that link is to a YouTube version with lyrics - here's just the lyrics) but maybe some of the many cover versions used "out of space" as a substitute for "fifty-four" in later years. The number of syllables match, even if it's a bit goofy.

That tangent aside, the next thing was the offer that came in my e-mail one day - buy $10 of merchandise, get a Lippmann polish free - you didn't pick the polish, but it was Dark Side of the Moon, a very vampy aubergine, a great-looking color. So I found two Obsessive Compulsive polishes on sale for... I think it was $5.60 each, and bingo, I'm at $10. Oh, and I also had Badger Balm Cuticle Care in my cart, so I went ahead and got that too - I wanted to see how it compared to the other one. So the result of all that is that here we have my new friends Arsenic, Chimera, and Dark Side of the Moon.
Here are the polishes - the Badger Balm will be featured in a post later in the week. And there's a picture of it below, also.

Then we have this little trio - I arranged them here so you could see all the names, although it's a bit blurry! Polished by KPT Naughty & Nice, which is a red thermal; Lacquer Lust Ho Ho Holodays, which is naturally is a holo; and Yule Light Up My Life, which is one of Serum No.5's signature glow-in-the-dark polishes, in a Christmas mix.

Here's the bottles:
I'm wearing HoHoHolidays right now - I decided that I was still in the mood for green, and it's a pretty color. The thermal is more dark pink than red, really, so I think I will wear that too, this spring. The Serum No.5 is the only one that may have to wait on the holidays. (Note that I bought my set from Lacquer Lust, but they have all three have had them on their website. The last time I looked, S-No.5 still had the individual bottles, as well as the set.)

You may notice that there are two Christmas glitters in this post. That might be the one thing that I really can't say that I needed - however, I'm sure I will wear them, I love Christmas glitters. I will have nail-wheel swatches of these later, but early returns are that they certainly don't look anything alike, even if the color-scheme is similar. Yule Light Up My Life is a chunkier glitter, and Out of Space Convertible a very fine one.

So that's the end of the nail mail. The only other thing I have is that I went in CVS and they had $5 in CVS bucks on a $10 Sally Hansen purchase, and I had been eyeing a couple of things that together would be over that limit:
The post that's coming later in the week is a comparison of all these cuticle balms, but I wanted this one because it's a cuticle remover as well as a balm. And then the polish is Wavy Blue, a shimmer.

Here's the Sally Hansen and the Badger balms:
The similarities and differences among these two and the Glisten & Glow balm are something I'm going to talk about in a separate post, probably on Friday. Anybody tried these and have opinions?


  1. Speaking of nail mail, I got the box from you but have been so busy I haven't opened it yet. I am saving it for a treat when I get a few more things checked off my to do list. :)

    1. That was pretty quick, since I didn't mail it until Friday afternoon. Hope you enjoy!