Friday, March 14, 2014


I don't talk about makeup much, and I've never shown one of my "empties" before, but I have one today:
This is Orchid-brand makeup-remover towelettes. I like using these kind of towelettes, but the name-brands are really quite expensive, I've always thought - something like $4.99 for 30, or even more. Orchid was the cheapest brand that my HEB store had - I think they were about $3.50, and actually you only get 25, but still, that seemed like a significant price break, so I bought them, and I like them, and now they are gone.

(I noticed just this week at HEB that some of the Orchid-brand items have a little line below the name now that says "by HEB" - I've said before that HEB really promotes their store-brands, but I've never been entirely sure if Orchid counted as one of them. So apparently that question is being answered!)

So, I was in need of more remover towelettes, and I would have just gone and bought more Orchid ones, but I happened to find a recommendation online for something even cheaper - much cheaper, as it happens. I am always iffy about brands that I've never heard of that turn up at dollar stores and places like that. So I would never have even thought of buying these - actually I'd been in Big Lots lately and never even noticed their existence. But I was poking around on Nouveau Cheap, and I happened to notice her list of "Holy Grail" drugstore products - things she really likes that are also really cheap - and this was on there. $1 for 30, at Big Lots:
This is the cucumber scent, as you can see, but I also bought a citrus one, and I think there were also unscented ones. The citrus ones smell very nice - I haven't opened the cucumber package yet because I'm always worried they might dry out. And they seem to work fine. So yay for saving money!

UPDATE: yay for saving money but boo for skin irritation - watch out for the citrus one if you have sensitive skin. See here. (I still think they smell really heavenly, though!)

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