Monday, March 3, 2014

Swap goodies and new purchases

I've got new stuff I haven't shown off yet, it occurs to me. First of all, Karen and I have another swap in progress - I haven't mailed my end yet (although it did make it into a box, so I'm making progress) but I've already gotten hers. -- I am resisting the inclination to feel guilty about being slow, since last time it was the other way round and I mailed mine first! Anyway, here's what I got:
Lots of cool colors, always a safe bet with me. This is
  • a mini Sally Girl Matte Topcoat
  • Layla CE39 (aka Southern Lights)
  • Studio M Gift of Sparkle
  • e.l.f. Gina Girl, which is from the Disney Villains collection and is one of the Maleficent polishes
  • two Julie G Holiday Gumdrops, Sugar Plum Fairy and Mistletoe
  • and... a Sinful Colors magnetic which I have mislaid the name of right now, but it's a nice blue-gray, in any case, and I am all about the blue and the gray lately!
Here's the two Finger Paints I got at Sally Beauty, and two Orchids:
This is Amethyst Accents, Rockin' Renaissance (a texture), Steel Guitar, and Playmaker (which is out of that football season set I showed a display picture of ages ago). I bought more Orchids which are going to Karen - I already told her she was getting mystery Orchids, so I don't want to demystify them before they even leave my house. These are the ones I decided to keep.

And here's the latest round of stuff that came in the mail - two Barielles and a Cult Nails:
This is Jordana's Skinny Jeans (which I guess is sort of an 80s reference?), Fetish (black with a wax-finish), and Elle's Spell (a flakie). I don't think I'm expecting any more nail mail except for some treatment stuff from Glisten and Glow - because so many people seem to think they're wonderful that I had to try them out! I got HK Girl and some cuticle balm, and naturally I'll be reporting back on that later.

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  1. Absolutely no guilt needed on your part!

    Seeing your FP, I am wishing I'd taken advantage of the BOGO last month but I blew all my polish budget on new LE collections. (Could I get more abbreviations into that sentence?)