Friday, February 28, 2014

Essence on the way

So remember when I talked last Sunday about how my grocery store had been making changes in the nail aisle? Well, apparently they're not done yet. Across the aisle from all the nail polish is the hair section, which I tend to ignore completely unless I need a new hairbrush or something. But over last weekend this popped up at one end of that aisle:
So, woo, Essence (squeezed in next to the girls' hair doo-dads) - I'm assuming it won't be all nail polish but hopefully they will at least have some! I've never seen Essence in any store here other than Ulta, so that's pretty cool.

Today the weather sucked, but reportedly tomorrow will be sunny, so I'll try to get a picture of today's mani by the time this goes up, which is This is Tree-Mendous. Nice and green and sparkly for Mardi Gras.
(picture below the jump)

...and the sun was out as advertised, so here you go:
I will resist the urge to critique my 10-year-old (machine-)quilting stitches visible there - or my slightly-worn manicure, which was two days old at this point - and tell you instead that this polish looks rather wildly different depending on the light. It looks like this in a lot of lights, and then in others (direct sunlight, bright fluorescents) it lights up like, well, a Christmas tree. Which I guess is the whole idea, isn't it?

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