Sunday, February 23, 2014

The nail polish aisle (plus NOTD)

(aka the "it's Sunday and I'm bored" edition)

I was catching up on nail blogs last night and in somebody's comments it was mentioned that HEB might start carrying Sinful Colors - and I can confirm that my store now has them, and I think I might even have pictorial evidence. I was snapping pictures in the nail aisle a few days ago because I noticed several things that had changed, and I think if we blow it up large enough you might be able to tell:
It's not a huge number of them but they're definitely there, down at the bottom underneath Orchid (which is where the yellow coupons are) and Essie, and in between what I think is NOPI on the left and Wet n Wild on the right. Way on the left is Sally Hansen gels. What got me started taking pictures in the first place, in fact, was the sheer size of the revamped Sally Hansen collection:
...and this is just the color polish, further over on the left you can see the start of a whole section of SH nailcare products, too (and I think that's some tanning products down at the bottom). The only thing that I can tell has disappeared from this display is Nail Growth Miracle, and they've added what looks like the whole run of Triple Shine, plus the new satin line, Sugar Coats, all that stuff. In fact this entire picture is their products, except for a bit of the next section (what was in the last picture) wayyyyy over on the right.

(NOTD under the jump)
I've had people exclaim over the fact that my grocery store has all this stuff  - and they do have a whole cosmetics section besides this, and one more purely nail polish section further down with OPI and Orly minis and stuff like Nailtiques and Seche - but H-E-B prides itself on having what amounts to a full drug store inside most of its stores. There are some smaller ones that don't have full cosmetic sections, but most do. (One store that I go in occasionally has a considerably bigger section, with more brands. And they are building a new one a few miles from us in a different direction, and I'm hoping for shiny new things there. They've been working on it for a while now so hopefully it'll be done before too long!)

OK, now, let's talk about today's nails. This is one of the Finger Paints that I bought at Sally Beauty earlier this week - it was the same day I took the pictures above, in fact.
This is a nice sunlight picture to compensate for the one below, which was under the fluorescents and as usual looks entirely too blue. Anyway, this is a color called Amethyst Accents, and I hunted around for swatches of it and didn't find any, so maybe it's a new color? I'm not sure. (I do see a picture of it on their Facebook page, and it does say it's a new color there, so question answered, I guess!) Lovely red-violet, one of those microglitters that reads almost like a foil.

So I wore that alone for one day, and then the next day I put a little light coat of Glitter All the Way on the tips (I was trying to do a glitter fade again, but my fade technique still is a bit wonky some of the time):
I think it looks pretty cute, anyway, even if it does desperately need to be cleaned up. (And hmm, it doesn't actually look as blue as I thought, either.) But anyway, during the day yesterday I decided that I had had too light of a hand with the glitter and I added more last night. I don't have a separate picture for that, though, so far.

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