Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bottle size, stash pics, & NOTD

I've got a spreadsheet going with polish brands and prices and how big the bottles are, because as I think I've said previously, I've gotten sort of interested in the question of bottle size and how easy it is to buy something without realizing how much is actually in that bottle. My spreadsheet is not anything resembling complete to my satisfaction yet, but I will tell you the current winner on the price per ounce front: Terrybly aka La Laque by Terry, which is $30 for a 10ml bottle. If my math is correct that comes out to $88 and change per ounce. (Google tells me that there are 29.57 ml per ounce, so 10 ml is slightly less than .3 ounce.) Somebody who owns some Chanel nail polish can tell me if I'm wrong, because I haven't found a definite answer on any website selling Chanel so far (including Chanel's own) about how big their bottles are - but I believe they are in the 0.5 oz/15ml range, right? Making them a considerably better buy (on a per-ounce basis) at $27 a bottle. But I noticed that other Terrybly makeup is equally expensive so I guess they are just the very high end of high-end. (So far.)

Today's mani started out to be Orly Purple Poodle by itself, but it's so sheer it was bothering me, even after a couple of coats, so I started over and used SOPI Domestic Goddess as a base. I think it made it slightly pinker than it would've been by itself, but it's not a huge difference. The "purple" part of Purple Poodle seems to be the purple specks in it, not the base itself. But I haven't gotten a good look at it in the sunlight yet, so I'll report back. I do have to say that all this talk about bottle size makes me appreciate Orly's generous .6 oz bottles! (I've never managed to use up a bottle of anything Orly, so far.)

Just because I realized I've never put these up, this is what my stash looked like before I started the big reorganization project a month or so ago:

(Non-nail-polish-related story: the comforter on the bed is about 5 years old; it came in quite a few colors, and I let my husband pick out a color, since I had already picked the pattern. Predictably, he said brown. I've always sort of wished I'd gotten green, but actually I would probably be just as tired of looking at it if it was green. Really, it's not bad. You get tired of looking at anything after seeing it every day for 5 years.)

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