Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog sale and Big Lots goodies

It occurs to me that I haven't posted the new things I've gotten lately, so here you go. First we have goodies from Miss Holly Berries' blog sale:
Across the top is Sinful Colors Show Stopping, then Barry M Silver Glitter (which I think was a limited edition that was only available at Boots in the UK, so it crossed the Atlantic at some unknown point), and Essence Miss Universe; the bottom row is Icing After Party, CG Glitter All the Way (Mardi Gras colors, woo!), and Color Club Editorial, which I already have one mini of, but I like enough that I thought I would take the opportunity to get another one. I now should have more or less the equivalent of a full bottle!

And this is the three that I got at Big Lots, plus a stray:
Colorstay Rich Raspberry and Fall Mood; Rimmel Rags to Riches; and the stray (which did not come from Big Lots) is Rococo Darkest Emerald, which I got on sale with all that stuff from Space.NK after Christmas, but which somehow managed to miss being in my previous pictures. I think I'd call it a teal rather than an emerald, really. (Note that it looks awfully similar to "Miss Universe" two pictures up!)

I did multiple coats of several of these on one wheel, and a single coat on another wheel, for some reason, so here are the comparison pictures:

Darkest Emerald - multiple coats on left, a single coat on right
Glitter All the Way (I think the "3" you can see on the left wheel is number of coats)
Show Stopper
Silver Glitter
After Party (which is a slightly-weird multicolored shredded flakie, it's interesting)
The purplish one at the bottom of that picture is Orly Intergalactic Space, if you're wondering. It's also a very interesting mix! And I thought I had one of these pictures for Miss Universe but so far I haven't found it, sorry!

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