Friday, February 7, 2014

Not in the winter mood

I went to Big Lots to see what they had in the way of Sephora by OPIs, since everybody keeps going on about what they're finding there. I gotta say that $1.80 is a fabulous price for a polish that used to be $9 - what is that, 80% off? However, I pawed through the bins and they didn't have anything that I really had to have, so instead I bought two Colorstay colors that were marked down a mere 70% or so (they were $1.50). The two Colorstays were Rich Raspberry and Fall Mood - like I really need another berry-color or another tarnished gold (which appears to be what Fall Mood is), but oh well. Maybe I will keep making periodic runs though Big Lots' makeup aisle now that it's on my radar. (I tend to avoid Big Lots because the first couple of times I went in there I spent, like, two hours in there each time and spent lots of money. But I think I'm over that now.) It's conveniently on my way home from work, so there's that. But next I actually want to go to Sally Beauty and look at the Finger Paint BOGO sale.

Oh, I almost forgot to say that I wasn't done when I got out of Big Lots, either - I had to go in the grocery store to pick up a prescription, and when I cruised down the nail polish aisle, I noticed they had Rimmel Lasting Finish marked down. Their Rimmel is stuck down on the very bottom in a corner of the aisle ("corner" as in backing up to the endcap) and so I've never bothered to get down there and look at all the colors. If they're being discontinued, I may have to go on a quest, because I have it in my head that I want Lava Red, and I never have found it up to now. I did get down in the corner and look, and I did not find Lava Red, but I did come home with Rags to Riches, which is a nice shimmery sort of dollar-bill green. I'm guessing that's what they were going for, anyway, from the name.

Also - Purple Poodle over Domestic Goddess? Gorgeous. I did three coats of Purple Poodle, finally, and you still can't see much of the purple shimmer that I know is down there, but it has a lot of shine and a lot of depth, and it's just really pretty. You might can see the purple in full sun, but I still don't know about that because we are in full Texas-winter mode, what my mama would've called a "blue norther" - and the sun has not been seen today. (And there was a cold damp wind, and it was a pretty miserable day, generally.)

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