Friday, February 21, 2014

The Red and the Black (and the gray)

I had to go look up "The Red and the Black" after that phrase popped into my head - I knew it was a book and I knew I associated it with French class, but that's all I could remember about it. It is French, by Stendhal. My school had a language program where you started French or Spanish in junior high and could continue all the way through high school, if you wanted to. So we got to the point along about junior year where we were reading novels. I didn't read that one but what I remember is that it was reputed to be especially hard going, at least in French. (There also a "Red and Black" song in "Les Miz" as some people may know. I'm not sure about whether there's any real connection between those two.)

So anyway, that is where the title came from. The reason that title popped in my head is because I have the missing bits of the red wheel and the black/gray/white wheel to show you. I'm starting with the red one because all I am going to show you IS the wheel - somehow my previous picture went missing. It's not really even necessary because I had partial shots of the wheel, but somehow I feel like it's incomplete until I post it! So here you go:
The interesting thing is how similar they all look, in this shot, even though many of them are actually not! (Although honestly, I think if I have something I could stand to destash, it might be a few of these reds!) Here's the list (under the jump), so you won't have to be trying to read my writing:
  1. Jolly Lolly (L'Oreal Gellies)
  2. Chinoise (Rescue Beauty Lounge)
  3. Challenge Red-y (Nicole by OPI)
  4. Sooki (Zoya)
  5. Bet On Red (Milani)
  6. Razzmatazz (Orly mini)
  7. Karina (Zoya)
  8. Unbreakable Heart (Hard As Nails)
  9. An Affair in Red Square (OPI)
  10. Knees Up (Butter London)
  11. Riley (Zoya)
  12. Blaze (Zoya)
  13. Echarpe de Seda (Jade)
  14. Blackberry (Petites)
  15. Sephora No. 8 (mini)
  16. Stop (Hard Candy mini)
  17. Red Carpet (SH Xtreme Wear)
  18. Voodoo (Claw Polish, the one in the coffin bottle)
  19. Delilah (Zoya)
  20. Bad Santa (Ulta mini)
Here is the entry with the bottles, although it still doesn't have closeup pictures and perhaps that's what I actually need, to see if it shows the differences better! However... moving on to the black half of this...

I had posted pictures taken of this wheel well before it was full and here is the updated version:
(I will probably fill in the one remaining spot with Fetish, now that I've got it, but I probably won't take a picture of the whole thing again, since that would be fairly pointless for one spot!)
  1. Bad Chick (Sinful Colors Nail Art)
  2. unnamed white creme (LA Colors mini)
  3. Glitz Gal (Sally Hansen Gem Crush)
  4. Wet Cement (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear)
  5. As Long As You Love Me (Essence Beauty Beats)
  6. Gray By Gray (SH Complete Salon Manicure)
  7. Grey Area (SH Xtreme Wear)
  8. Is That Silva? (OPI Skyfall magnetic)
  9. The Symbiote (Chirality holo)
  10. unnamed gray creme (LA Colors mini)
  11. Steely Gaze (Hard As Nails)
  12. Grays Anatomy (Wet n Wild Fast Dry)
  13. Slick Black (1 coat) (SH Triple Shine)
  14. Starry Night (Sonia Kashuk)
  15. Black Illusion (LA Girls 3D Effects - a holo)
  16. Jet Black (1 coat) (Hard As Nails) - and this is gone, I used it up doing all these wheels!)
  17. Wild Shine Black Creme (Wet n Wild)
  18. unnamed black creme (LA Colors mini)
  19. Vibe (Hard Candy mini)
  20. Fetish (Cult Nails)
I'm not repeating the detail pictures for the bottom half, because there's nothing new there, but here is the section with the new ones:

Here's 3-6:
The new additions are (3) Glitz Gal, which looks like it badly needs topcoat to me but is otherwise pretty, and (5) the Bieber polish, which doesn't show up to advantage here because you can't see its shimmer. Also, looking back in the previous entry, I didn't have a close-up picture of (4) which is Wet Cement and is a great all-purpose medium gray.

The new entry here is the one that's not terribly gray at all, (7). I'm not clear on why they named it Gray Area, but I'm definitely going to put it in the box with the browns and tans rather than the grays.

Here's the black part of the wheel with Fetish added. (This picture looks sort of dusty but I'm not waiting until I have sunshine to take it over again. You can get the idea from this, at least!)
Fetish does have that lovely rubbery or waxy look to it - that's the main point here. I don't really wear black a lot but I will probably use it occasionally!

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