Thursday, February 27, 2014

Social media & Cajun Shrimp

This is a stray spot that was unfilled on the "fall colors" nail wheel, and I filled it with OPI Cajun Shrimp (in spot #20):
It fits very nicely there.

So, I was being sort of randomly sad that fuckyeahnailart doesn't seem to post much any more (partly because "fuckyeah[insert hobby or fandom here]" is sort of a Tumblr staple and it rarely fails to amuse me), but I figured there's bound to be lots of others. I poked around and found - or re-found, in some cases - The Illustrated Nail, One Nail to Rule Them All (tagline on header: "And in the darkness paint them"), Celine Does Nails... - plus quite a few that I already read their regular blogs, like Chalkboard Nails. (All these people may have regular blogs, but I haven't found them or don't have them on my list that I read regularly, anyway.) Seems like everybody has all these things now, right? Or most of them. Everybody has IG, a Facebook page, Twitter, maybe Tumblr and Pinterest, and a few more besides! 

It's hard keeping up with it all, so now that I think about it, this might be a good time to put up my own list, for that matter. (I am such a doofus, I have two Instagram names because I lost the password for the first one and I couldn't figure out what e-mail I had it registered under!)
Facebook Delicious Color
Instagram mellificent (or there's also one starting with "mal" that I'm not currently using!)
Tumblr (only rarely has anything to do with nails): Catchy Name (Still) Needed (mellificent is my user name there)
Twitter @mellicious 

Catchy Name Needed was the name of my (old, old) blog and then of my Livejournal, but nobody seems to use LJ much any more, so I won't bother giving you that one. (I had a whole community of friends there, many of whom I don't see other places, so I'm still mourning LJ's demise, a bit.) I have a bunch of online friends generally that I've known forever - ten years+ now, forever in internet time - and I've tended over the years to follow them from social network to social network, which means that if my techie friends pick up on something early, I often do too. I had a Tumblr login quite a few years ago now, but it took me a long time to "get" Tumblr. Now I love it, within its specialized uses. (I think if you look, I posted once and then it was like a year before I posted again, after I figured out what the hell you did with it.) If you have a certain hobby or fandom you're particularly fond of - whether it's Avengers or Downton Abbey or hell, I dunno, Duck Dynasty, probably - and you don't check Tumblr to see what gets posted over there about it, you're probably missing out. If it's anything remotely geeky, like comics or Doctor Who or Game of Thrones, there's huge fandoms on Tumblr. And there's also stuff like omgthatdress - which I am just addicted to - and, well, you name it, it's over there. (Including unbelievable amounts of porn, so be careful not to run afoul of that unless you mean to!)

Here's the link to do a nail art tag search on Tumblr, if you need it.

(I don't really think most of you need me to tell you this stuff, because the overlap between nail junkies and geeks, generally, seems to be very very large - it took me ages to figure that out, I thought it was just me! - but on the other hand, you never know which bit of the internet somebody has missed out on.)

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