Thursday, February 20, 2014

Apocalips Wow

(See the pictures below for the explanation of the title. It may not be a new tagline for Rimmel, but it was the first time I had seen it, anyway, and it amused me.)

As far as NotD: Let's see, I had done the dual-glitter goofy Valentine's Day mani on Thursday night (so we're going back almost a week, now), and I kept it until well up in the day on Saturday, when I managed to scrape part of the polish off of one nail, and then after that I gave up and started peeling the rest of it off. I was still feeling a bit in the pink mood, though, so I put on Pyro Pink, one of the Hunger Games Glosstinis that I had never worn, and I can't say I fell in love with it. It was alright, though, so I kept it on the rest of the weekend. Then, I actually went almost 24 hours without anything on my nails. Weird, huh? I hardly ever do that any more. But now I'm wearing Lizard Belly, from Glitter Gal. I swear that every time I wear holos the sun never comes out the whole time (and you have to remember that I live in a place that gets something on the order of 300 days of sunshine a year) - I was in Galveston and it was foggy as hell. But anyway, it still shines pretty good under the fluorescent light, so I'm still getting some holo goodness.

My bottle of Cult Nails Fetish arrived from Llarowe - I had ordered it on Wednesday night (last week), and I think it arrived on Saturday, which is pretty awesome service. I haven't tried it out yet, though.

Also on Saturday, I had to get a prescription filled and we were in the opposite direction from the grocery store where I usually get my prescriptions filled, so we went in CVS. I think I had said that I thought Rimmel seemed to be closing out their Lasting Polish line that is what is in all the drugstores around here (although I have no idea if that means they're closing out Lasting Finish in general - my guess would be "not necessarily") and sure enough, CVS had something new on the sidecap where those polishes had been (and it was tall and skinny so the first picture is the top half of it and the second one is the bottom):

The colors didn't knock me out or anything, but the Kate Moss name will probably sell better, I'm guessing!

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