Saturday, February 8, 2014

Guide to my nail wheels

I've been posting nail wheels off and on for months, and it's gotten so I can't even remember what I have and haven't posted, and when. I started this last September, so it's taken me nearly six months to get pictures of the original set of nail wheels online. (In fact, you can tell now that I've got dates on it that I started with a flurry in September, and then have gradually slowed down with getting the rest of them up, after that.)

Note: I have posted more since this was originally done; I have updated the list and links to reflect that and will continue to do so. Further updates will be on the nail wheels and stash page. Also I did not take close-up "detail" pictures until I got further down the wheel, and I like those for comparison purposes so I'll probably go back and take more of those when I get a chance. The second half is mostly missing bottle shots like the early ones have, but I probably will not re-do those specifically in connection with the wheels. (You will be seeing my stash color by color again at some point, I'm pretty confident of that.)
  1. green (Sept 8) (detail pics needed)
  2. blue-green (Sept 12) (detail needed)
  3. metallics and multicolor glitters (Sept 16) (detail needed)
  4. cyan/blue/blue-violet (Sept 17) (detail needed)
  5. neutral(ish) purples (Sept 19) (detail needed)
  6. purple to red-violet (Sept 29) (detail needed)
  7. red-violet to pink (Oct 5) (detail needed)
  8. bright pinks (Oct 13) (detail needed) 
  9. reds (Nov 3) (full wheel - Feb 21) (but detail still needed)
  10. purchases since Sept (2 parts: Jan 13 and Feb 24)
  11. fall colors - orange/copper/brown (Nov 18) (detail needed) 
  12. lighter pinks, brownish pinks (2 parts: Dec 29 and Jan 11)
  13. fuchsia to burgundy + Take 10 (Jan 12) (detail needed) 
  14. white, gray, black (Feb 10) (updated Feb 21)
  15. glitter/shimmer over black (Feb 3)
  16. China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze collection (Jan 22)
  17. Take Ten + new purchases (Mar 4)
  18. Jan 2014 purchases (Mar 6)
  19. colors for Valentine's Day (mostly pinks) (Jan 31)
  20. Jan-Feb 2014 adds and manicures (coming soon)
There are still some that have never been posted at all, or never posted in their entirety. (And I'm still doing new ones as I buy new stuff!)

Hopefully this post will give me a guide for what I have and haven't posted. Also, some are still waiting for the next sunny day so I can take more pictures. And not all of them are entirely full, still.

Hmm, so actually the one scheduled for Monday (black, white, gray) is the last of the original round of swatches - everything left after that is what I've bought since then. So on the whole, not as bad as I feared.

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