Monday, January 13, 2014

Greens - wheel overflow edition

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I forget I never posted pictures of the overflow wheel, which is technically #10, I believe, but this wheel has always been different, and doesn't really go with the rest of them. I was trying to have a place to swatch new polishes, but also keep it in sort of a color-wheel manner, which is very difficult when you can't really anticipate what you're buying! This is a picture I took early on, of the first four things on it. I left spaces on it meant for other colors, only I was on a big tear of buying greens and this part of the wheel filled up really fast.

So I started with Revlon Rainforest (a Colorstay color), then added #2 - which is actually a green that I gave away, Orchid Grass Stain. I swatched this one nail's worth on the wheel and then sent it to Karen, because she had expressed interest in having it. (She wrote about this polish already. I sent her another polish, which I think was Nicka K, but if I swatched that one I did it on another wheel. It may or may not be that pink holo-ish one that I pointed out on recent wheels; my records have completely broken down on that point. Added: I'm since decided that this is not the case and the "pink holo" is actually Dollish Redrum)

(For the record, of the greens, 3 is a Revlon chrome - Chroma Topaz - and 20 is Nostalic Patricia. I'm pretty sure I have raved about how much I love Patricia on this blog at some point!)

Here was the whole wheel, early on. green really was the color of 2013, for me. And now it's full.

Note that I wrote "overflow - cool" on the wheel. I wasn't just attempting to be hip; I meant cool colors. I guess I thought I would buy some pinks or oranges or something before I got this filled up so that there would be a Cool Overflow and a Hot Overflow. Yeah, not so much into the pinks lately. And oranges never have been my thing, and I have some gold polishes but NO yellows. (Although I saw Colorstay Buttercup marked down in CVS and almost bought it just because it's about the only yellow I could conceivably imagine wearing!)  I am definitely a cool-colors person, in general.

(If you're wondering and can't decipher my handwriting: 6 is WnW Gray's Anatomy, 7 is Color Show Black in Mirrors - a Brocade, so it's gone now unless you get lucky and find a stray one - and 14 is another Nostalgic, Rid of Me.)

Come to think of it, I have pictures featuring most of these, and since I have recently figured out how to make those pop up in new entries, I'll do just that!
The blurry picture of Patricia lets you see the purple which is mixed in with the green glitter. It's a lovely polish.
The Dollishes aren't on this wheel, at least not as pictured here, but the rest of these are. (The whole filled-up wheel will have to wait for some other day. Today I'm mostly just featuring those luscious greens.)

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