Friday, January 10, 2014

Lots of drugstore polishes

This was my Wal-Mart purchases from the other day:

  • Salon Perfect Kaboom (the Floam dupe)
  • Xtreme Wear Grey Area - which is sort of a dark taupe, similar to You Don't Know Jacques but possibly a bit darker (and I have both so I'll be reporting back on that)
  • Sinful Colors Fig
I think that there was also a Hard As Nails Fig that came out last fall, that was a pretty similar color. Hmm... (off to google) - here are some nice swatches of SC Fig. I didn't find anybody who swatched the Hard As Nails, which is apparently called Firm Fig, but my buddy Karen did take a display picture, which is at the top of this entry. (I might have to pick up Firm Fig if I get a chance and see - it looks like it's in the same red-violet kind of range, but might have some shimmer to it.)

I don't own any other Salon Perfect colors, so I don't have any other pictures of those to share. What I do have are a couple of Sally Hansen pictures all ready to go. As I said, other than Zoyas, the various Sally Hansen lines are the thing I have the most of - especially Xtreme Wear, which I started buying back in 2009 or 2010 when I was unemployed, because they were something like $2.21 at the grocery store and that was cheap enough that I could buy a few here and there without feeling guilty.

So here's part 1:
I put the Xtreme Wear bottles together with the couple of Hard As Nails bottles I have, and threw in a couple of nail care items to fill the space up. I'm on my second bottle of Disco Ball, I know, and maybe of Red Carpet, too. Most of these have been well-used over the years, although lately they have much more competition in my stash than they used to have.

Going across the top part, the first three are Disco Ball, Strobe Light, and Celeb City; then we have the two Hard As Nails, Unforgettable Heart and Steely Gaze (which seems to have lost its label somewhere along the line). I had a third one which I recently used up, which was so old it had a different bottle shape, and that was Jet Black, which got used up in the good cause of swatching on all those nail wheels. (Just wait until you see wheel 15, which is ____ over Jet Black - basically anything I could think of that would be interesting to swatch over black. It has 3 coats of Jet Black all the way around the wheel.) The last two things up there are VitaSurge, which I talked about a while back, and cuticle oil.
Bottom row: Wet Cement, Red Carpet, Posh Plum, Purple Potion, Pacific Blue, Blue It, Emerald City, Ivy League, Grey Area, Pumpkin Spice (which unfortunately I believe is discontinued), and Crushed.

And part 2:

Top row: LustreShine Azure, Gem Crush Glitz Gal, Nail Nutrition (Green Tea & Olive, which is the Growth formula)
Middle row (the second horizontal row, that is): Diamond Strength Royal Invite and Private I, Nailgrowth Miracle Forbidden Fudge, and the other variety of Nail Nutrition (Green Tea & Bamboo, the Strength formula)
Bottom row: Salon Formula Plum It! and Mist You; Triple Shine Vanity Flare and Slick Black; Complete Salon Manicure Mermaid's Tale, Black & Blue (that name makes more sense to me if I think of it as Blackened Blue, because that's what it looks like), and Gray by Gray; and Insta-Dri Chop Chop Copper, Quick Jeanius, and Grape Going (which is a duochrome)

I think Salon Formula has already gone away hasn't it? and I noticed that all the Nailgrowth Miracle colors were marked down, as well as (I think) all the Gem Crush colors, which leads me to believe that one or both of those may be going away to make shelf space for Triple Shine. (I still haven't tried my other Triple Shine, the purple one, but I loved Slick Black.) (All these lines - other than Salon Formula - are still on their website, for what that's worth. Along with something called Satin Glam which I haven't even seen yet!) (Huh, it's a satin finish, available in 8 shades. Interesting.)

Note on the above: I went in CVS again last night and stared at the Sally Hansen racks for a while, and I decided that it didn't really look like Gem Crush was going completely away. At that store - a different one than I was at before I wrote the part above - they only had a couple of Gem Crush colors on clearance, it looked like. So that sounds more like they're just changing out some colors, not discontinuing Gem Crush. Several LustreShine colors were marked down, but likewise, not all of them. (And CVS didn't have Satin Glam, but the grocery store did. I do love my grocery store, have you noticed?) (I'm still undecided about the fate of Nailgrowth Miracle, though. Anybody know anything?)

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