Friday, January 3, 2014

CVS mini-haul

First of all, because I love a good sale, La Lacquer League on Facebook had the scoop (a couple of days ago, actually, but I'm just now getting around to posting it): "So! Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments countdown is over and they announced that STARTING JANUARY 7th, you can pick 3 colors and just pay shipping and handling of $12.00. This is only open to the continental US.
Hmm, I'mna have to think this over.

OK, back to my current purchases, in the title - are there rules for what constitutes a "haul" in shopping terms? I'm pretty sure there are no set rules (because, y'know, when did bloggers ever listen to something so mundane as rules - I generally don't), thus I have declared this a "mini-haul"! I went in CVS a few nights ago because I had coupons, and I came out with 5 cosmetic-type things. Four of them were on sale (either 50% off or 75% off) and four of them - not the same four - were nail polish. The thing that wasn't nail polish was a Cover Girl lipstick called Divine, which seems to be that elusive red-violet that looks really good on me, and which I'm always hunting around for. Most of the colors I find are a little too pink or a little too purple, but what I like is something that's right on that border. I may have to go back and buy myself a backup in the next few days, if I continue to like it this much! (Because I'm assuming that anything marked down after Christmas is probably discontinued. I also assume that the same applies to all the polishes below.)

The four polishes were:
  1. Insta-Dri Chop Chop Copper - this is the one that wasn't marked down, but I think this whole line is LE, anyway. This was part of the Rent the Runway line from last fall, as I recall. Despite the name, it looks more bronze than coppery to me.
  2. Milani Purple Gleam, from the One Coat Glitters
  3. SH LustreShine in Azure
  4. SH Gem Crush in Glitz Gal, a silver gray
So 3 Sally Hansens and a Milani, actually. I have a lot of Sally Hansen but I only have a couple of Insta-Dri colors, and this is the first I've ever bought from those last two lines (LusterShine and Gem Crush, that is) - I've always meant to try them eventually, but neither of them is cheap so that's probably what took me so long!

Not a great picture, I know, but enough to get the idea:
(You can probably figure this out, but L-R: Divine, Purple Gleam, Azure, Chop Chop Copper, Glitz Gal)

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