Sunday, January 26, 2014

Intergalactic Space

This is Orly Intergalactic Space over Zoya Katherine:
I bought it without ever having seen swatches, and I was a bit worried, but actually I quite like it. It's a black jelly with a lot of bronze glitter, very scattered larger white circles - you can see one on my index finger - and some other colors of smaller glitter as well. I love anything with bronze or copper, so I can be counted on to love this one as well, I guess. I had put Katherine on as a syrup mani, so it gets lighter towards the bottom of the nail, and I think you can see that a bit if you look close. (But not unless you're really paying attention!)

So where did I come by Intergalactic Space? you might wonder. Well, I said I was going to slow down on buying stuff, I didn't say I was going to stop. I went in Sally Beauty because I had a $5 off coupon that expired the end of January, and I wanted to use it before I forgot. I bought a big bottle of acetone and some nail files that were on sale, and then I bought 2 Orlys, because they were buy 1, get one free. (The other one is Purple Poodle, which I bought half for the name.) I did make it through a trip to Walgreen's and a couple of trips to HEB in the last week or so without buying any polish, but I also bought some stuff from Miss Holly's blog sale so I can't exactly feel virtuous. I didn't go hog-wild with that, at least.

Oh, and I also bought a snowman polish that was marked down, just because I never have had any of those and it was cheap. It was called "Sparkle" so it looked like something I'm likely to use!

Also, I saw somewhere that Sally Beauty was going to have Finger Paints on sale in February, so I am already plotting to get a couple of those. If I can at least keep from buying anything else until then, I'll be pretty happy.

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