Sunday, January 5, 2014


I can't think of a better name for these than raisin-colors. Even the Illamasqua has a certain red-raisin tone to it. This is a preview of the next nail wheel, and L-R it's Glitterati, Chic Peek, Jem, and It's Genius (5-8 on the wheel). These are nicely seasonally appropriate for winter, but all of these have at least some shimmer if not some glitter to them. Chic Peek, in particular, is a color I ignored for a long time but have come to quite like. It's nominally a purple but like Jem it's sort of a very in-between color. (But you can see that it's also quite different from Jem!)

(I would go ahead and post the whole wheel, but I still need to fish the rest of these colors out of my ongoing resorting project, so I'm going to wait until I have the rest of that done instead!)

A bit of a warning, or at least a notice, that the blog posting here may increase for a while. Or it may not, because I'm inconsistent that way, and I'm not going to pretend I'm suddenly going to change! But I have a ton of pictures built up, and I don't like to load up one entry with a zillion pictures, because it annoys me to read those sometimes. (NOTE before I get myself into trouble, that this is not intended as a criticism of anybody else's pictures. Posting a bunch of pictures of one nail polish line or a bunch of display pictures together makes sense, and you expect those to be fairly long. The ones that irritate me sometimes - and ones I'm thinking of are not nail bloggers, as it happens - are people whose every single entry seems to be a really long string of pictures with no particular theme. I am in fact thinking of a couple of people in particular, but they're not anybody I'm online-buddies with so it's extremely doubtful that they even read here. So if you're worried I'm talking about you, probably not.) Anyway, I am going to break it up, for my own sanity, as I did for the Zoya one that posted this morning. And I will probably just put them on a schedule, if I manage to get ahead, to post once a day in the morning until I run out of steam with this.

I was thinking that I might start gradually doing that Untried Polish Challenge that was going around last year. I could stand to work through some untrieds. (Here is one of Gnarly's Gnails entries about it. I am also poking around in her blog sale right now, so I may have some "new" untrieds on the way to add to the list by the time this gets posted.)

Here's a very so-so picture of Alcatraz Rocks - it gets the texture but none of the sparkly:

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