Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What a mess!

I started a project yesterday:
This is about half of my stash, I'm guessing. (The other half was over on the other side of the bed, at the time.) It was all a big mess and needed rearranging, anyway, so I dumped it all on the bed and sorted it by brand, just to see what it would come out looking like. I did that, and took some pictures, and then I'm going to re-sort it all by color again.

(This is in fact by brand in the picture above, although it may be a bit hard to tell since it's such a mess. Zoyas are on the right of the picture, Wet n Wild is at the bottom, and Orlys are sort of between those two. It turned out, to probably no one's surprise, that Zoya and various incarnations of Sally Hansen are what I have the most of. Revlon was probably next after that.

So I'll have some pictures of that, and I should also have some more wheel pictures. Tonight's mani is Alcatraz Rocks, I'll try to get a picture of that, too. (For the last couple of days I have had on Yuletide Treasures again, over Slightly Unstable, and I think there is a picture of that floating around somewhere as well.)

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