Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I mentioned that old bottle of Top Speed, and here it is, along with some other things that I picked out as being among my oldest polishes that I still own:

  • Top Speed topcoat
  • Jet-Set Departure
  • Cover Girl Boundless Color Gold Rush
  • Colorstay Continuous Cranberry
  • Colorstay Always Sheer Bliss
(I wasted a ton of money over the years on pale pinks, especially the super-pale ones like the one on the right. I don't know why I kept thinking if I tried another brand I'd decide I liked it!)

I don't know how accurate my memory is about when I bought what, really. I suspect all of these are maybe 4 years old, at the very least, because that was when I started to get more seriously interested in nail polish, and at least a few of them are considerably older than that. I think actually some of my OPIs may be just as old as these or older, too - in fact, I know some of them date back at least to sort of the mid-2000s, although that's about as good a date I can put on them at this point. (I do know that we moved cities in late 2008, so I can date things by that if I have any memory of where I bought them. The OPIs mostly came from Kroger's in Galveston, thus pre-2008.) It's hard to look at OPIs and think, "That one's old," though, because their bottles haven't changed much in years.

Somebody somewhere was talking about the first polish they ever owned, and mine was a Revlon. I can't remember the name of the color right now but I think I would recognize it if I saw it - it was in production for years after I bought it sometime in the mid-70s. It was a very bright fuchsia, and at the time it seemed a bit daring! That might not be the first polish I ever wore, because I have a vague memory of my mother letting us paint our nails a few times before that, but it was the first one I ever bought with my own money.

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