Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Selections from the stash

Well, the last time around when I did stash pictures, last spring, it was by color. This time it's going to be by brand - you already saw Zoya, and next up is some sort of miscellaneous ones, where I put more than one brand in the picture because I didn't have all that many of any of these. (I started to do each brand separately, but then they all just rolled around, because I don't have a setup where I can set them upright and get decent pictures. So putting more brands in each picture solved my immediate problem there.)

So here we have Hard Candy and my two Illamasquas, on the top row, and Essie and my two RBLs on the bottom. Basically, if it's a very expensive brand, I don't have very many. I don't really even like paying $8 for an Essie. I would rather have more of the cheaper brands than a few of the expensive ones. Every time I pay $18 for something... well, actually I think the two RBLs are the only thing where I paid $18 for an individual bottle, and if you've been reading here for the past year-and-change, you know that I've complained endlessly about those. Apparently, if I pay that much, I need something flashy to make me feel like I got my money's worth, I know that now. I think I would not have complained half so much if I had gotten, say, some Lippmann glitters for full-price, but no, I had to go buy cremes. And there's nothing at all wrong with them at all except for that, but for $18, if it's not flashy, it needs to apply itself or something. (OK, I will shut up about that for now. But probably not forever.)
Here we have (top row): old-school Hard Candy minis, Vibe, Trailer Trash, Vinyl, Stop, and Scam underneath (and I may be getting Vibe and Vinyl mixed up because they're very hard to tell apart in the bottle!); then my one new-version HC, Crush on Lava; then the three old-school full-size ones, which I think were also a set; and I'm blanking out on the name of one - one of the pastels is Shy but I can't remember the other. Then I have the big Trailer Trash in the middle (I really need to wear Trailer Trash soon, actually!) - aha, ok, ShySky is the blue one, and the pink is Jailbait, how could I forget? I love the old HC names! although I don't actually love those pastels at all, they don't suit me. And then the Illamasquas are Glitterati and Viridian, which also came as a set.
(bottom row, where nothing came as a set): Essie It's Genius, Status Symbol, Mesmerize, Midnight Cami, and Crocadilly, which is magnetic; and the two much-maligned RBLs are Chinoise and Purple Rush. (And I say again, nothing wrong with them except that they're kind of boring!)

Then we have Milani, Orchid, Color Club and Rimmel, here - also drugstore/grocery store brands. (Orchid is only available in a grocery store, to my knowledge, and that's H-E-B, which is only in Texas.*)
The Milanis are Racy Green, Bet On Red, Purple Rush, and Purple Gleam. The three Rimmel Cocktail Colours are Cutie Colada (green), Apple Berry Smoothie (blue), and Baby Bellini (purple). (I never can remember which is which!)
On the bottom row, the three Orchids are Island Couture, Funky Monkey, and He Loves Me, I Love Him... Not! (and actually Funky Monkey was the only casualty so far of slinging my bottles around so much - the neck broke. So I'm down to two on the Orchids!) The one Color Club Holo is Eternal Beauty; then the other two are both from the Wicked Sweet collection and are scented: Gimme a Grape Big Kiss and Raspberry Rush. The only regular Rimmels I have are Lasting Finish English Rose, and a combination top/base coat. And the one lone Studio M glitter is Scammin' Red. (Studio M comes from Meijer but I think it's manufactured by Color Club, or so I've heard.)

*H-E-B is named for its founder, whose actual name was H.E. Butt. True story. Poor man. (And actually this page says his mother was the original founder. Which means that she married into the Butt family. I will resist the temptation for further mockery there.)

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