Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Liberty/Party by the Pool

I've had Zoya Liberty on since Saturday, and it's beautiful. But yesterday I saw a picture of Pretty Serious Party By the Pool, which is in my stash, and I thought, "Hmm, y'know, those are really similar colors. Wonder what would happen..."

And of course my brain would not let it alone, so I got up today and tried it. Here they are in the bottle:
And you can see that they are very close. PbtP is actually a bit darker, though you can't see it there. But it's also a jelly, meaning that the two together made a great jelly sandwich.

Here's the progression:
index finger alone: Liberty (this is actually 2 coats over a coat of Get Even)
middle finger: 1 coat PbtP added
ring finger: 1 coat SV added

So I call this one a big success. PbtP has a bit of sparkle on its own, but not near as much as this gives it. I think these two make a great combo.

Incidentally, I did get my order in to Zoya on the 3/$12 special (color2014 is the promo code as I recall; it just started and goes on for a week or so, I think!) I started out thinking London and Logan and Katherine, but I changed my mind - the only one of those that made it through to the end was Katherine (the raisin jelly). London (grey pixie dust) and Logan (a lovely green) got replaced by Chyna and Chita, both Pixie Dusts (red and green respectively) - but the order has gone in so I can't change my mind any more now!

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