Monday, January 20, 2014

Stash - Butter, CG, and Sinful

Butter Londons from my stash: Lillibet's Jubilee, Pitter Patter, No More Waity Katie, Nail Foundation, (2nd row) Thames, Henley Regatta, Knees Up, Hardwear, Powder Room remover mini

For a long time the only BL I had was Henley Regatta. I think I bought it from Ulta a couple of years ago. Then last summer I went on a tear and bought most of the rest of this within a month. I bought four more polishes from BL's own "Friends & Family" sale, and then I bought Thames + the nail care items in a set from Nordstrom's big summer sale. The three wildly-varying purples on the top row were a set called "The Royals" (I think - and now I'm gonna be singing Lorde again for the next two days, because I've had that song stuck in my head a lot lately). (It's hard to tell, but Lillibet's polish - that's the queen's childhood nickname, as I understand it - is pale silvery lavender, and No More Waity Katie is a purple-gray shimmer, both very pretty. I need to try Henley Regatta over Thames, don't I? - because they look awfully similar in the bottles! And Knees Up is a polish I've seen described as "wrapping-paper red" because it looks like red foil. I like all of them, but Knees Up might just be my favorite. (I just talked about basecoat and topcoats the other day, so I'm not going to repeat myself there, but I will say that I've had this bottle of remover since last summer and haven't opened it yet, because it's non-acetone and I'm an acetone user. But I'm sure I will use it sooner or later!)

I guess we're going from high to low price-wise here - this is China Glazes and then Sinful Colors. I did whole posts on the China Glazes back in December so I'm not really going to go through them all again, though. If you're new to my blog, I won all 13 of these in a giveaway - it's the entire HoliGlaze (2013 holiday) collection. Here's the nail wheel that has them all. There are only 8 7 Sinfuls, I think (first I was counting the mini that's over on the right side, but it's another CG), and they start with Rich in Heart, which is the brown one that's upside-down on the top row. The pale bluish-looking one at the top right is Let Me Go, which is hard to categorize by color, but it's a sort of mother-of-pearl duochrome shimmer, it's great. And the turquoise one is Nail Junkie, a glitter (which as I recall, is supposed to be a dupe for China Glaze Atlantis). The last four on the bottom row are also SC's - I think it's I Love You, Winterberry, basecoat, and Fiji. I don't have all that many Sinful Colors, as you see, but actually I am a big fan. They do so great for the price!

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