Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nail wheel weekend: Dark-reds-plus-OPI

(This is wheel 13 - list after the jump)
I got a little messy up there with #3 but on the whole I think I do a decent job with these!
  1. Pyro Pink (over Chic Peek on tip) (2 coats)
  2. Continuous Cranberry (1 coat)
  3. Fruit Punch (2 coats)
  4. Ruby Without a Cause (1 coat)
  5. Glitterati (2 coats)
  6. Chic Peek (2 coats)
  7. Jem (1 coat)
  8. It's Genius (2 coats)
  9. Ramblin' Red (1 coat)
  10. Vixen (2 coats)
  11. ? (pink holo?) (Dollish Redrum?)
  12. Pirouette My Whistle (which you can't really see, I know)
  13. Alpine Snow
  14. Bubble Bath
  15. Tickle My France-y
  16. You Don't Know Jacques
  17. Lincoln Park After Dark
  18. Germanicure 
  19. Malaga Wine
  20. Big Apple Red
So the top half of this wheel is everything that was left over after I did whole wheels of pinks and one whole wheel of reds - this is mostly the darkest reds. And the bottom half is mostly OPI minis from that Take Ten set. I didn't bother to write down what they were on the wheel since I knew I had that recorded already. This is all of them except Cajun Shrimp, because there was room for it on the wheel with the oranges.

11 appears to be a pink holo - possibly/probably the same one that was on wheel 12, and I'm still trying to figure out what that is - maybe a Chirality? I think the Chirality I have is more purple than that, though. I'm hoping as I go through my stash some of these questions will sort themselves out. The only other thing I can think of is that it might have been was that Nicka K that I sent to Karen. But I thought it was more purple than that - and not holo.)

I already posted one picture from the upper part of this wheel but here it is again:
(Note that's probably only interesting to my fellow obsessive-compulsives:) I pulled that up from Blogspot's cache of my previously-posted pictures. What interests me is that when I uploaded it it was oriented as landscape. I'm sure this is the original way I took it but I'm surprised it reverted to that. Oh well, just one of those little technical weirdnesses. I'm not a full-tilt OCD-er but sometimes I do get overly focused on the small things!)

Here's the OPI set in the box - I think many of these are ones that most nail junkies are already familiar with, anyway. (My cousin the cosmetologist looked at them and said something about those just being "the basic OPIs" which sounds about right to me. But as I said previously, I haven't bought OPI much recently, so I didn't have any of them.)

(Also note: I was intending to get some more detail/bottle shots by the time this went up, but if I don't make it I'm just going to let it go up anyway, and add the rest later, like I did with the last one. At least that keeps the entry from being excessively long!)

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