Monday, January 27, 2014

Bieber sandwich

This was one of those manicures where I just kept doing layers until I arrived at something I liked.
Intergalactic Space had some noticeable tipwear, after I washed my hair, and I was trying to decide whether to try to go another day with it - only then I broke a nail, and so I just threw in the towel on that. (It wasn't too hard to get off - I suspect all those layers of Katherine underneath the glitter helped a bit!) I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I started digging around in the "recently-acquired" bin, and ended up with the Justin Bieber polish. It has a name but it's a bit long and I suspect this polish will forever remain filed under "Bieber" in my brain. (It's "As Long As You Love Me." I think. I assume that's one of his songs.) Anyway, it is a pretty polish, despite its origins - gray with shimmer - but I have to admit that I partly picked it because I knew I could layer over it. The next thing I picked out of the bin was the snowman polish, because it was silvery holo shimmer and it seemed like it would go well with the gray.

So, thus far we have:
  1. Nail Nutrition (and no other basecoat, which might be why this is already chipping)
  2. Bieber
  3. Bieber
  4. Snowman
  5. Snowman (ok, its name is Sparkle, and I don't have any excuse about name-length on this one, but I still think of it as Snowman, just the same) - then I realized Katherine was still in this bin, too, and I thought, "Jelly sandwich!" and so...
  6. Katherine
  7. Katherine
  8. Top Speed topcoat
The bottle of Top Speed that I used for this didn't even make it into my line-up of topcoats - it was a black bottle, and I suspect it's fairly old. (I know they're still making Top Speed but I'm not even sure what bottle it comes in nowadays.) I decided afterwards that this bottle is going to live in my glove compartment as an emergency backup until either it gets used up or it get hot enough that having combustibles in my car makes me nervous. But it's winter, even here, so that's a couple of months away.

(In fact we are supposed to have snow on Tuesday. I'll believe it when I see it.)

(Regarding the title: I started trying to think of even worse variations on the already fairly lame joke about a Bieber sandwich, but I decided that was bad enough, and I should stop there. You're welcome.)

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