Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hypnotic vs Oui!

My husband gave me Revlon Hypnotic as a little surprise for my birthday - bear in mind that the Zoya Earth Day haul is also meant to be part of my birthday present, and I also have a monster gift set from Sephora that's also a birthday goodie. I actually thought Hypnotic was a pretty good pick - on the whole he has a better track record picking out jewelry for me than nail polish. (I love my red-violets - maybe I should give him a hint for the future that thinking purple was a really good idea.) But I also thought it looked awfully similar to Marc Jacobs Oui! which I bought when they were all on 50%-off sale a couple of months ago. So I thought I would do a comparison right off the bat, instead of just showing one or the other and saying vaguely, "Oh, I should have done a comparison!" like I usually do.

So here's Oui:

I thought immediately that Hypnotic looked just like this. But I also thought that if anything Oui would be lighter, and that proved to be the case:
They do look very similar in the bottle, don't they? Berry-colored and super-shimmery, and I think the formulas are very similar, as well. But they're definitely not dupes. On the wheel #11 (on the bottom) is Oui, and Hypnotic is #12, just above that. And Hypnotic is very definitely darker, and slightly more purple. Oui is slightly more pink.

(Also, I don't know what it is about those Revlon bottles, but somehow I always end up with nail polish on the black part of the cap. I suppose it's just that they're dark and reflective, but it happens every single time. This one is brand-new and somehow I managed to do it once again, on the very first use.)

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