Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Who Are You Wearing?

The big bottle here is OPI Who Are You Wearing? which was in my OPI favorites (the little one is for comparison purposes, I'll talk about that in a minute).
I talked about this way back in June but I didn't have a picture where you could see it very well. Of course this is a very dark polish and it's hard to see well even in the best pictures - but anyway this picture is better than the old one. The mini is one of the most famous OPI polishes ever, Lincoln Park After Dark. Obviously superficially they're very similar - at least, you really can't tell much difference  at all in the bottle. On the nail there is a pretty noticeable difference - Who Are You Wearing is blue-violet where LPAD is more of a neutral leaning toward red-violet. I also think that Who Are You Wearing is even darker than LPAD, by a little bit. But for some reason I like it more. I like the blurple aspect of it, and I also think I had this before I ever saw Lincoln Park After Dark and maybe that's why I've never particularly cared about the latter.

I got a bit snippy about LPAD in my "unpopular opinions" post a month or so ago - that's in the answer to the first question, there - and honestly, this polish has pretty much the same issues I was talking about there. Maybe it's more obviously shimmery than LPAD? I can't put my finger on why I like this better, I just know I do.

(But unfortunately Who Are You Wearing is discontinued, probably because it's so similar to LPAD, I'd guess.)

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