Tuesday, April 4, 2017

All About You

This is Sinful Colors All About You, which is a gold topcoat:
This swatch (#9 on the wheel) was some weird combination that I'm already forgetting - I just looked, it's over Charge It Up, which is a blue-gray. Except that if you look at it from a distance it doesn't look too bad. But I thought this needed some more experimentation, so I did, well, a bunch of stuff:
All five of the swatches in this picture have All About You on them. The bottom one is All About You by itself. Above that I just grabbed a couple of semi-random bottles out of the Sally Hansen box - these are both old Xtreme Wear colors, Ivy League and Posh Plum. The "inside" swatches are two coats of All About You each and the ones on the outside are one coat. (Basically, it takes two coats to show up very well.)

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