Friday, April 21, 2017

Alcatraz... Rocks

This OPI Alcatraz... Rocks, a Liquid Sand (aka texture) polish, which was in my favorite OPIs list:
This one coat on the wheel, but I sometimes wear two coats, because it darkens it to something more like the bottle color. But unless you manage to put on very thin coats, this is plenty thick with one coat, so it's just a matter of whether you want it darker or not. (You can see that in other people's pictures that it looks darker than my swatch here.) It looks more navy with two coats but you can see here it has some violet tones to it - besides the violet glitter that's popping up very obviously in this picture. The glitter is actually very multicolored. This was in the San Francisco collection originally, but I believe this is still a current color.

And like many glittery textured polishes, it also looks awesome top-coated. (Basically, you're trading texture for extra sparkle when you do this.)

(Note that this was in my 2014 favorites.)

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