Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cinna-man Of My Dreams

This is NOPI Cinna-man Of My Dreams, which was in my favorite OPI polishes.
This is a pinky-coppery texture, and I really don't know of anything else like it - certainly not anything that's a texture. It occurred to me that it's kind of similar to Hard Candy Crush On Lava, if you turned that into a texture. One of those pinky-metallic shifty polishes that were so trendy several years ago. (I think I'm thinking of Mac Bad Fairy, maybe?)

Nicole by OPI bottles are really rather strange-looking - I'm sure the rationale was that they would sit more securely while you're doing your manicure, but most nail polish junkies complain about them because they take up more space in a Helmer. I only ever had three of them so it's never been a big enough problem that I got particularly annoyed with them. But I never saw much reason to run out and buy them either, except for this one.

I have always loved this polish and I've always wondered if the name had anything to do with the character Cinna from the Hunger Games movies. It did appear along about that time, as I recall. But apparently it was from a holiday collection called Gumdrops, which has candy-related names. (That's not to say that whoever came up with this name in the first place wasn't admiring Cinna as much as I always have, but it's certainly not overtly named after Lenny Kravitz or his character, at least.)

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