Sunday, April 2, 2017

Most popular unpopular opinions

I'm not doing an actual count or anything, but I've now looked at a bunch more of the "unpopular opinions" videos about nail polish (I gather there are versions for makeup and other things, too, but I haven't gotten into those) and it's starting to amuse me that so many people's opinions are exactly the same. Just to be clear, I haven't watched EVERY one of these videos and so this is an unscientific, seat-of-the-pants tally, but this is what I feel like are the most common answers in the ones I've watched. (And also know that I'm not mocking you if you gave some of these answers. I myself gave several of them.)

(I would say that if you haven't watched those videos and you intend to, this could almost count as a spoiler. Not that everybody's opinions are the same, of course, but... go watch a bunch first and them come back, maybe!)

(And again, this is not necessarily my own opinion, and not anybody else's in particular, either. Just what I thought I heard the most.)
  1. A popular polish you don't like - Lincoln Park After Dark (which was what I said)
  2. A polish everyone hates but you like - OPI Pineapples Have Peelings Too (I'd never even paid attention to the existence of this polish, so this one surprised me)
  3. A nail polish finish you don't like - frosts
  4. A popular brand you think is overpriced - Essie (and the words "hit or miss" got used a lot)
  5. A trend you can't get on board with - I don't remember any one answer reccuring often enough to stand out. This and #10 were the only ones that were like that.
  6. A trend you didn't like at its peak but do now - textures
  7. A color you don't wear often or at all - yellow
  8. A polish you like but think is overhyped - Pacific Blue (it also made appearances as the answer to #1)
  9. A popular top coat you don't like - Seche Vite
  10. A nail polish that doesn't get enough love - this one varied, I can't think of one polish (or brand, several people mentioned brands) that predominated
I was going to add a picture of LPAD but I couldn't find one, so here's Pacific Blue instead:
I haven't worn Pacific Blue in a while (this is the old version) but I think the swatch here looks unusually dark. It may just be what it's next to, I'm not sure, but I don't think it normally seems like this bright of a blue - I would say it's more like the bottle color than how it appears on the wheel, as I recall, or maybe sort of in between the two. What I said in somebody's comments regarding the hype and the big fuss about it was that it was a great polish for $2-and-change, but that it's not great enough to pay many times that on eBay. I think that's just one of those things where people get the idea that they have to have something and overpay.

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