Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Favorite OPI polishes

I don't have all that many regular OPIs, as I said (it was only 19 full-size plus 11 minis), so I included both Sephora by OPI (which I have 11 of, I think) and Nicole by OPI (only three) in this group. So out of those 44 polishes, I came up with 8 favorites altogether:
The links here are to the wheel swatches for these polishes.

And yeah, I just got Goldeneye and I haven't even had time to wear it yet, but I put it in my favorites anyway, because it is just gorgeous.

Here are the five OPIs:
(L-R: Alcatraz Rocks, Who Are You Wearing, Houston We Have A Purple, An Affair In Red Square, and Goldeneye)

and then the two SOPIs and the one NOPI:
(L-R: I Only Shop Vintage, Traffic Stopper Copper, Cinna-man Of My Dreams)

Added: I completely forgot to talk about what is and isn't discontinued and obviously I didn't take that into account when I was coming up with favorites. All Sephora by OPIs are discontinued and to my knowledge Cinna-man Of My Dreams is discontinued as well. I think Who Are You Wearing is LONG discontinued and so is Goldeneye, although obviously Goldeneye is findable because I just bought mine. (I did a quick Amazon search for Who Are You Wearing and didn't find anything. It's something like 10 years old, if I'm remembering right, so it might be a tough one.) The other three, I'm not 100% sure they're all current but I think they'd be findable even if not. I know Affair In Red Square used to be core. (I could check but it's late and I'm not gonna. You guys can google as well as I can!)

And this is most of my OPI/SOPI/NOPI collection:
When I tried to count I came up a couple of minis short, but this is most of them, in any case. You can't tell what is what here, anyway, but you can see that compared to many people's, my OPI collection is very small, Somehow I just never drank the OPI Kool-Aid to the same extent as a lot of people. And lately practically all they make are creams and so I have even less interest. (But they make some nice polishes, I'm certainly not slamming them.)

(If you're really dying to know what I have, the list is over here.)

Most of the minis I have are very middle-of-the-road, "classic" colors, mostly cremes - really German-icure was the only one I even halfway considered putting on this list. What I did choose for the top 8, you notice, is heavy on metallics and unusual formulas. One Liquid Sand (plus the NOPI, which is also a texture), one bright copper top-coat, a really bright metallic gold and a very subdued vintage-y gold, one sorbet, a metallic red and a dark blurple with heavy shimmer. Runners up were probably Starry-Eyed For Dear Daniel (the metallic pink from the Hello Kitty Collection) and German-icure (shimmery red-brown).

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