Monday, April 10, 2017


Here is Zoya Rikki, which was in my favorite Zoya polishes:
In honor of Easter, this week's theme is "semi-pastel" - polishes pale enough to pass for Easter colors, but not pale enough look bad on those of us who don't wear the truly pale pastels well. This is #16 on the wheel if you can read the numbers - it's the paler of the two greens. Honestly, this is pale enough that I have mostly worn this layered over another green. I've also worn it under RBL Locavore, which is a glitter, and that's also a nice pairing. Anyway, Zoya's description is "a full-coverage, fern green metallic with flecks of silver and gold."

(Here's Rikki + Locavore, from this time last year.)

Added: I looked again and Rikki was not in the 10 top Zoyas, it was in the 2nd 10. (As if anybody cares about that.)

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