Thursday, April 27, 2017

Guys & Galaxies

This is Nicole by OPI Guys & Galaxies:
(It's #3 on the wheel, as you might guess.) You can't really tell it on the wheel here, but this has a quite a lot of holo glitter in it. You can see it a little in the bottle. It's mostly silver glitter, but with the holo glitter mixed in. It's very pretty.

Added: here's my previous post where I showed this polish, just about a year ago. The interesting thing there is that I swatched it next to Funky Fingers Sand & Stilettos, which is much more holo than this polish.

As I mentioned before, I only have three NOPI polishes, and apparently Cinna-man Of My Dreams was the only one I went out and bought. One came from proofs of purchase from cereal, of all things, and then this one came from Ipsy. (And it was an Ipsy exclusive, the post that I linked above says.) One of my big gripes with Ipsy, in fact, was that they made a big deal about how they tailor your Ipsy bags to your tastes - but I only ever got two nail polishes, in a year or so - this one, and one Formula X mini - but I got lots of mascara, which I can't wear. That's the #1 reason I eventually bailed on Ipsy. I have been a lot happier with Sephora Play, even though they don't send much nail polish, either, and do send mascara, precisely because they don't really pretend to tailor things to you - they send more or less the same items to everybody. (I got really sick of playing the "who got the best stuff?" game with Ipsy bags. They varied in quality very wildly. Whereas if Sephora is sending out moisturizer, for example, in a given month, they may not send the same brand of moisturizer to everybody but whatever moisturizer you get will be more or less equivalent.)

(Incidentally, I used to go on at great length about the contents of my Sephora Play boxes on this blog, but I've finally given up on doing that, the last couple of months. If anybody was paying attention, you've probably noticed already, but I'm guessing that nobody much was.)

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