Sunday, April 23, 2017

An Affair In Red Square

This is OPI An Affair In Red Square:
This is a current color (I finally did check on that, and it is) and I'm on my second bottle of it - it's from a Russia collection that I think was more than ten years ago. I had this in the discard box (because this bottle has a bad brush, for one thing, but also because I just have too many reds that are similar to this) and I took it out of the box again, because I wasn't sure I could bear to get rid of it. Then I put it in my OPI favorites - and I'm not saying that I've had second thoughts about that, but I reswatched it for this picture and I think it's going to end up back in the discard box, mostly because of the brush issue. It's a great color, but it's also not that different from other things - like I'm Not Really A Waitress, for example. I had them next to each other and I couldn't tell which was which, seriously. (Added: that's not to say that the two of them are dupes, they're not. But they are awfully similar. Maybe I'll do a direct comparison at some point.)

(Scrangie comes through again - fall 2007, this was. So not quite 10 years, but very close to it. And I didn't remember that it was the same collection as both Russian Navy and Vodka and Caviar - both also classics.)

In fact, I started off this round of the Neverending Stash Project by comparing reds, way back in early 2016. So, well over a year and some 500 posts later (I'm not kidding, either, you can check), I've circled back around to the premise I started with, which is that red is red. I still think that's basically the case - there are variations and there are glitters and metallics and there are cool reds and warm reds, but mostly people are just going to look at your hands and go, "Nice red nail polish."

And hmm, I apparently looked up the Russia collection back then, too. I'd forgotten.

(And this is not to say that I'm done talking about reds. That wheel above full of reds is all candidates for the discard box, and so you're probably going to hear a lot more about this, in fact.)

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