Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rockstar Pink

This is Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink:
This is not really pastel at all, but it's a good sparkly polish for Easter, should you be in the market for such a thing - and it was current the last time I looked, I believe. It's very awesome, actually, either over a bright pink or on its own. I think I've seen it called a "must-own" polish and while I don't really believe in the concept that there's such a thing a nail polish that everybody really must own, still, this is a great pink glitter that even people who don't normally like pink seem to like. (I think what most people are really saying when they say "must own" is "you should try this, even if it's not normally your thing" and that definitely applies here.) And it's under $3 most places, so there's not much to lose.

Note that I swatched this last year and it came out looking much paler. Not sure why that is. (More coats, I'm thinking.)

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