Sunday, April 23, 2017

Earth Day & birthday

I justified the purchase from the Earth Day sale by saying it was for my birthday (see here - I think I ordered before that entry was actually posted last weekend, though - maybe late Friday night or Saturday) and the polishes actually got here very quick, because they've been sitting here a couple of days. I said at first I wasn't going to open them til my actual birthday, which is still a few days away, but then I caved:
I had a pretty decent reason for caving, though, which was that I got in the mood to take pictures late last night. I usually only do that every couple of weeks, so I figured I might as well go ahead and do these while I was at it.

I'm real pleased with what I got, anyway:
Top row: Anaka, Mimi, Logan
Bottom row (all Pixie Dusts): Destiny, Stevie, Vespa

If Logan is supposed to be a glass-fleck I had forgotten that, but it sure looks like it might be a similar formula to Mimi (which I know is a glass-fleck, from the old Sparkle collection). I was worried it (Logan, that is) might be more on the yellow side than I like, but it's really not. I'm in love. Happy birthday to me.

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