Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NOTD: High Tide, matte

I wore High Tide for a couple of days the normal way (I think I used Butter London Hardwear top-coat) and for some reason I failed to get a picture of that. But after two days it was chipping a bit - not terribly, but it was more than just tipwear - so I decided to patch it up and top-coat it again to get another day out of it, and this time I pulled out Matte Me Crazy, and this is what I got:
You can see that the tips are wanting to chip a little bit (this was taken at the end of my work-day), but it made it through pretty well. I like it with matte top-coat but it's even better with the regular top-coat, I think. (I still have it on, two days after this was taken, but it's definitely ragged now. I'll be doing my nails tonight for sure.)

Somebody said that NYC is not available in the US any more, and my immediate thought was that the only thing I would really miss was Matte Me Crazy. I do have two bottles but when those are gone I'm going to have to find something else!

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