Friday, April 14, 2017

Zoya Earth Day + Nail Tees

I think most nail polish junkies know to look for Zoya's Earth Day promo around this time of year, but just in case, I thought I'd point out that this year's version is underway. Code is EARTHLUV, it goes all the way through May 10th. All the info is here, but the short version is 50% off, minimum 6, and it includes free shipping. I don't do this promo every year, but I've been looking at Pixie Dusts, as I mentioned yesterday, and I'm contemplating stocking up on some of those that I don't already have. I started a list and so far it's about half and half, Pixie Dusts and other assorted stuff. (I'm going to limit myself to six, though, if I do this. No sense in getting carried away!)

Also, I know that Nail Tees are nothing new, but I'd never had any until recently and I am in love, a bit. If you've been a regular reader here for a while, you've seen me apologize repeatedly for imperfectly-cleaned-up manicures. And if you were really paying attention, you might have noticed that those apologies have been less frequent lately, and I think these guys are the main reason why.
I've tried brushes and Q-tips and all that, and I just have trouble manipulating them. For whatever reason, I do a lot better with these. They're not perfect, but they're helpful.

(As usual, no disclosures required. Nobody's paying me for anything here.)

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