Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Destash: purples

I did new swatches for some polishes that were in my destash box, the ones that I can't quite make my mind up about. I think in some cases it'll help me be decisive. (I've got them divided up by color, so they'll probably go up in several installments.

This is Zoya Roxy:
It looks really pretty in this picture and I remember how much I wanted it when I first discovered its existence (red-violet glitter!!!!), but the fact is that I've had it for years and I never wear it. (Maybe I'll make a "one more try" category for things like this, the ones that you can't quite detach yourself from. The problem is that I have a lot of those.) (added: I made a tag called "use it or lose it" rather than "one more try." The idea is, I put everything in this category in one place, and if I still haven't worn them after a while, then they go. I'll report back on whether this works out!)

Which reminds me, destashing is all the rage on Youtube right now, and I won't name names, but I sat through somebody's long long long destash video, and I don't know why I kept watching, but more than once I was hissing, "Make up your mind!" at the computer screen. (If you're watching this and wondering if it's you, probably not. There are a lot of these videos out there, as I said - and anyway, I've got no room to criticize. Pot, meet kettle. I just do mine in text and pictures instead of video.)

Zoya Harmonie:
I've worn this as my designated Easter polish for several years now, but it's awfully sheer and I've acquired a couple more pastel-ish purples in the last year and poor Harmonie has become superfluous. That word just popped into my head, but I think it's perfect for the way I feel about this polish. I still kinda like it, but I don't need it any more.

Square Hue Baby, Baby, Baby:
I talked about this polish and its Justin Bieber reference back here, This is a pretty color but not a great formula, and I have so many purples that streakiness is enough to keep it in the destash box thus far. (Added: I'm looking at the lighter shimmer in the darker base, visible on the nail here, and thinking maybe this should be in the "one more try" category. Because I'm not sure if I actually do have anything else quite like that.)


  1. Aw, poor purples. But seriously, I commend you for actually working on destashing. I just give it lip service and nothing ever goes anywhere. Maybe someday. :D

    How I know I'm old: I don't get vloggers. I don't have time for that, either doing it or watching it.

    1. Did you move all your nail polish with you to Idaho, then? Columbine and I had a discussion about this one day, actually, and I said I wasn't sure.

      The thing that videos are actually pretty helpful for is looking at the new collections. Sometimes you can tell more from seeing the colors actually in motion on people's hands. I can't imagine the time they must put into making the videos, though, especially considering that most of them have kids and jobs and such.

    2. Yep, it all moved. A fair portion is still in boxes, which tells you how much I *need* it. :D