Thursday, January 26, 2017

Baby Baby Baby

This is Square Hue Baby Baby Baby:
This polish is currently a resident of my destash box - although it's entirely possible I'll relent and fish it out again - because I got aggravated with it while doing this wheel. It was doing that balky skippy thing, although I don't remember having had that problem with it before. (I expect that with pale cremes, but not so much with purple shimmers. And there are so many purple shimmers out there without problems like that - thus the trip to the destash box.)

This came out in the last set from Square Hues Decades collection - and I went and double-checked to make sure this actually was a Justin Bieber song, and ugh, boy am I sorry. Also he looks about 12 in the video for this song, which is kinda creepy. (I'm sure he probably wasn't quite that young but I just don't care enough to go check. Middle-aged grouchy person here, what can I say.)

(Added: picture where you can see the bottle color much better, here.)

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