Monday, January 2, 2017

NOTD: Knackered over Slate

This is Butter London Knackered over RGB Slate:
I started to say this is my first manicure of 2017, and it is, but the application of it spanned two years - that is to say, I started it in 2016 (like, in the last hour or so of 2016) and finished it in the first hours of 2017. I was dawdling around watching Anderson and Kathy on the New Year's Eve show, and Knackered is pretty sheer so by the time I put on NailKale basecoat, a coat of Slate (which as you might guess is gray), three coats of Knackered, and BL's PDQ topcoat, midnight Central had long-gone. (Really, if you think about it, that's a pretty meaningless bit of trivia, because in half the world it was already 2017 by the time I started anyway - but on the other hand, how often does that happen?) Knackered is from BL's Overcoat line, and it's pretty sheer, which is why I did three coats. It's sort of an oyster-shell color full of holo glitter, as you can see pretty clearly in my picture. It's got a lot of duochrome stuff going on, too, but to me it looks sort of blue-gray in the bottle, which is why I arrived at layering it over gray. I've seen this layered over purple, I think, but I would also think blue would work well. - Also, this is a current color, I checked. (I didn't check on Slate, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be a core color. So I'm guessing it might well be current as well.)

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