Saturday, January 21, 2017

No Rest For The Wicked

This is Superchic No Rest For The Wicked:
You can compare it here to St. George (from A England), which is above it on the wheel. No Rest For The Wicked is a linear holo and St. George is a scattered one (what I think of as a more "traditional" holo, although really both kinds have been around just as long, as far as I know). St. George is also more of a teal, so a bit blue-toned, and a little darker, as well, where NRftW is more of a straight dark green. Linear holo means it's flashier, of course. It picks up the light really well; it doesn't have to be in bright sunlight to show up. (Which, even for us down in the land of 300-sunny-days-a-year, is still good this time of year.)

I have to say for the record that I've just been wearing this and I had chipping problems. I put on base-coat (NailsInc Superfood) and top-coat (Butter London Hardwear), which is what I've been wearing with everything lately, and it was fine for the first 24 hours or so, but then it started chipping pretty bad. And tonight (at about the 48-hour mark now) the polish on the whole top half of a nail suddenly sheered right off. I may try it with different undies next time and see if it helps. It's a really pretty polish so I'm not going to give up on it that easily.

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