Friday, January 20, 2017

Live Love Polish!

I finally got around to using my "welcome" 10% off code for Live Love Polish, and I decided I might as well go for it and get free shipping while I was at it (which takes a $40 purchase) so I ended up with four polishes. They arrived very promptly in this very cute box:
(although I did have to peel a shipping label off of it to see the full cuteness of it. But that's no big deal.) And inside:
Two Superchics, a Femme Fatale, and an A England. The last one is the only brand I'd tried before, of these.
This is the two Superchics, Realm Of Erotica and No Rest For The Wicked. (They look rather holiday-ish in tandem here but in reality RoE is pink, not red. No Rest is pretty close to a Christmas green, though, if you wanted to look at it that way. It will be a good St. Patrick's Day polish, too, when that time rolls around.)

And then the A England is also greenish, although I'd call it more of a teal, really:
(Not that you can see it too well here. But this is one I've wanted for ages.)

I didn't get a label picture on the Femme Fatale, really, but I do have this:
Cute box. And the polish is Necromancer. I did swatches of them all but I might as well put those up separately, later, since that seems to be how I prefer to have them.

(I think I was pretty clear about having paid for these, but for the record: no disclosures required.)

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