Friday, January 6, 2017

Lake Louise

This is Square Hue Lake Louise, which was in my 2016 favorites:
I like Lake Louise a lot - and it's quite pale so it's out of my usual comfort zone, a bit. With, as you can see, a ton of shimmer. Quite beautiful, overall.

(I showed Lake Louise back in July and called it "plain" - which it is, a bit, next to the glitter that's next to it there - but obviously this one made the favorites cut, so there. There are some glitters in this year's list but big glitters don't seem to be my thing these days.)

Added: here's a Lake Louise manicure from last January.

I think the theme that month was Hike Banff. Come to think of it, I took a picture of the labels for the two SH polishes that were in my favorites:
They were actually only a couple of months apart, 10/15 and 1/16. 2015 was Decades (you can see the year they had in mind on Vogue, there) and 2016 was something about adventure, I believe. (2017 is going to be dance-themed, if you haven't seen that - January was the tango, and February is going to be the samba or the salsa or something like that. (It's probably too late to get January but you should be able to get in on February.) (And no, they're not paying me.)

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