Monday, January 30, 2017

Ichi Hanami

This is Pretty Serious Ichi Hanami:
It's a really pretty cherry-blossom pink microglitter, almost a metallic. This is from the Museum of Naileontology collection, which is supposedly based on old polishes (Kaz, who owns Pretty Serious, is also a serious collector of old polishes) - but I have no idea what this might be based on - something 90s, maybe? Anyway, this is sold out on PS's website right now but hopefully might be restocked at some point!

I usually go into pink-and-berry overdrive for the first half of February so this would be a good one. Who knows if I'll get around to it, though. (I think my new Femme Fatale polish may be up next.)

Added: here's the post I wrote when I bought this polish, which includes Kaz's description for the Museum of Naileontology collection. Also note that this was in my 2015 favorites.

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